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Retirement Income

The "primary concerns" of those approaching or in retirement are: Running out of money in retirement; retaining their standard of living and the cost of health care.

One of the more difficult parts of retirement income planning is transitioning the assets that you have accumulated into reliable long-term streams of income.

The assets you have accumulated through your working years are taxed differently, and when turning them into income, it is very important to make these decisions with the assistance of a qualified financial professional.

Many strategies can be employed to make sure that your household's income needs can be met. The key is that retirement has phases whereby the nature and amount of spending changes, therefore requiring flexibility in being able to ‘turn on' and ‘turn off' income as needed.  Accumulating and arranging income for retirement is not an easy process. Our Retirement Income Certified Professionals® can help you.

If you are like a large percentage of retirees or people nearing retirement that worry about having enough lifestyle income to last through retirement, contact Jacki Imbrey, CFP®, RICP® or David Jeffries, CFP®, RICP® and we'll contact you promptly to schedule a convenient time for you to come see us.